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The Perfect Gift Ideas for Seniors in Memory Care

Buying the perfect gift for your senior loved ones with dementia can be challenging. You want to give them something that is both useful and special. You want them to love your present; thatís why you put in lots of effort, thought, and creativity into it.†

So, if you are clueless about what to give your loved one this year, then we have got you covered.†

Here are some of the best dementia-friendly gift ideas for seniors in memory care services. We took the liberty of categorizing it based on your loved oneís interests and your gift preferences.


Senior woman sitting on couch, smiling while holding smartphone on video call with family


For the Tech-Savvy Senior

Not all seniors love the idea of technology and its complex way, especially adults who have a brain condition like dementia.†

But if your loved one is a tech-savvy senior currently in the earlier stages of the disease, then something related to technology is the safest bet. Here are some gift ideas you can buy for them:

  • Smartphone or laptop – These communication devices will allow elderlies to stay connected with their loved ones. A good internet connection is all they need to Skype or Facetime distant friends and family members.
  • Voice-activated assistants (e.g., Google Home and Amazon Echo) – These apps/smart gadgets will make your senior loved oneís life more convenient. They can help with plenty of day-to-day activities, such as checking the news or calling someone using only their voice. Also, they can help manage their medications and control some of the appliances in their home.
  • Movie streaming subscription – Your loved ones will surely love a monthly subscription to Netflix or HBO Go so they can keep up with their favorite shows.
  • Smartwatch – Besides telling the time, smartwatches are a subtle way to keep track of your loved oneís health.


For the Arts and Crafts Enthusiast

Activities that can help seniors with dementia express their creativity can be a fantastic choice for a gift. These things will not only keep them engaged and busy but also stimulate their brain.

Moreover, creative expression positively impacts their mental health, reducing their risk for developing depression and anxiety disorder. Simple art activity gifts will excite seniors fond of art and can pique the interest of newbies.

Some excellent arts and crafts gift items include:

  • Painting materials†
  • The reusable and non-toxic clay
  • Sketch pad and drawing materials
  • Bracelet maker
  • Knitting set

Arts and crafts activities will serve as a form of therapy for older adults with dementia. It helps improve their memory, attention, and learning. Over time, this can aid in slowing down the progression of their disease and symptoms.†

Additionally, the calm and serene movements involved will help relax their mind and put them in a good mood. Just remember to buy materials that are safe to use and wonít endanger their well-being.


For the Exercise Lover

Memory care services strive to improve the physical health of their residents by including physical activity in their daily routine. So, if you are going to give your loved one a present, why not make it something that will keep them physically active?

Exercise will help keep older adults busy while unconsciously maintaining their healthy weight and physique.†

Dementia patients usually have no motivation to be physically active. Giving them a gift that encourages exercise might do the trick of getting them up and moving. Some useful gift ideas include the following:

  • Home exercise equipment – If the elderly find it hard to go out of their apartment and exercise, why not bring the activity inside by buying workout equipment for them. You can try stationary bicycles, recumbent bikes, and treadmills.†
  • Online fitness classes – Enrolling in virtual workout sessions lets your senior loved one break some sweat in the comforts of their home. Moreover, they will have an instructor and senior online classmates that they can mingle with.
  • Gardening materials – Encourage your loved oneís green thumb by giving them gardening materials. All the weed pulling and plant trimming can help them burn those carbs and stay physically healthy.
  • Your time Whatís more fun than having a loved one join in on your exercise classes? Help them gain confidence and the motivation to be physically active by accompanying them. From simple efforts of joining them on their morning walks to playing their favorite game of catch.

Remember to consider your loved oneís fitness level and health condition before letting them try a routine. It would be better to consult their GP and ask for their opinion and recommendation before buying anything.†


Something to Stimulate the Mind

Dementia patients need to engage in activities that will stimulate their minds and enhance their memory. At the same time, it should also pique their interest and attention so they can have fun while keeping the brain active.

In line with this, you can try giving them puzzles, games, and other activities specifically designed for seniors with dementia. Some examples of this are:

  • Books created specifically for a dementia patient, such as ďWhat the Wind Showed to MeĒ and ďWishing on a StarĒ. These books are more advanced than childrenís books but dementia-friendly. It contains easy-to-read paragraphs, short stories, and pictures perfect for skimming and looking.
  • Age-appropriate matching games, board games, and jigsaw puzzles.
  • Crossword, word searches, mazes, trivia, and coloring books for seniors with dementia.
  • Photo puzzles to improve their memory.
  • Simple writing activities


Something to Keep and Treasure

Seniors in the late stages of dementia under the best memory care services usually canít move around anymore, speak, and do basic tasks. So, the best gift you can offer them is those they can keep and have sentimental value. This includes the following:

  • A family scrapbook or photos of your loved one during their younger years. Take them through memory lane by telling the stories that come with each picture.
  • Comfortable clothing like slippers, sweaters, robe, and lap robe.†
  • Something that they use every day like blankets, pillows, duvet, or utensils.
  • Something that they can always see, such as a room decoration or a framed family photo.