Things to Consider in the Search for a Senior Living Community

Families want the best for their seniors when they can no longer live in their own homes. Before this day comes, the family must compare various options to find the best solution to the problem. As they do so, they need to take into account the changing needs of this individual in the coming years. Furthermore, they often look at the cost, location, and activities offered. While doing so, they overlook factors that play a role in the senior’s quality of life. What things should also be considered in the search for a senior living community?

Cleanliness and Curb Appeal

A community providing Assisted Living in Simi Valley CA will serve as the senior’s new home. Families need to take into consideration the curb appeal and overall maintenance of the premises when determining whether this location is right for their loved ones. When visiting the community for the first time, look for things such as porch seating and a garden where the seniors can relax and enjoy the beauty of their surroundings. See if there is an outdoor area where families can gather and spend time with their loved ones while enjoying fresh air and sunshine. 

Next, look for safety and accessibility features. This includes things like handrails and grab bars along with elevators and wheelchair ramps. Although the seniors may not need the features currently, they could in the future. By ensuring the community comes equipped with these accessories, the family feels comfortable knowing their loved one won’t need to relocate if their health needs change. For example, families must know the difference between assisted living vs memory care and determine if they will need to move their loved one to a new community when memory care becomes necessary. 

Inside the residence, families should look for comfortable furniture and ways for their loved ones to personalize their space. Common areas should be present throughout the community to encourage the residents to gather and socialize, and all areas should be clean and well maintained. If no residents are present in these areas, it’s important to learn why. They may be clean and well-maintained because staff members understand their importance in the seniors’ lives or it could be they are clean and well-maintained because nobody uses them. It’s important to know the difference. 

Caregiving Staff

Caregivers in the assisted living In Simi Valley, CA community need to have the best interests of the seniors at heart at all times. They should make every resident feel special and as if they are a valued member of the community. Pay attention to interactions between staff and residents to ensure the residents are treated with compassion, patience, and friendliness. Learn about their training, background, and accreditation. 

Gather information about the staff-to-resident ratio and ensure staff members remain on call around the clock to assist residents when needed. Ask about the staff turnover rate and whether medical professionals are available at all times. Will they administer medications or does this fall to staff members? Furthermore, learn the level of care provided by staff members. Will they help with daily living activities when required? Finally, ask about third-party audits, how they are conducted, and what the auditor looks for when visiting. 


When choosing an assisted living or memory care community for a loved one, take the culture of the community into consideration. What works for one person won’t be appropriate for another, and families must recognize this. Find a community that caters to the loved one’s hobbies and personality and learn how this community can support and engage the loved one. What activities do they offer to provide intellectual stimulation along with physical activity? When seniors remain intellectually engaged and active, they are happier and experience less stress and cognitive decline. 

Spend time with current residents. They will be your loved one’s daily companions, so they need to have similar interests and beliefs. This ensures the senior will be happy and engaged. Take time to learn what amenities are offered. For instance, if your loved one plays golf regularly, look for a community with a golf course on-site or nearby, so they don’t have to give up something they love when they move to the community. 

These factors serve as only three of many things to consider when selecting a senior living community. Many others need to be taken into account, including location and price. Begin this process before your loved one wants or needs to move so the process won’t be rushed. With time and effort on your part, the right place will be found and your loved one will thrive in their new setting. 

About Vista Simi Valley:

At Vista Simi Valley, we remain committed to listening to and understanding the needs of aging seniors so we can respond to them in a timely manner. Residents choose from one and two-bedroom apartments, and we offer assisted living and memory care options.