Senior couple smiling and looking at tablet while sitting at a table

5 Reasons Why Seniors Should Utilize Technology

The worldís technological transformation has been welcomed by Millennials and Gen Zs with open arms, but the same cannot be said for the older population.†

However, as they gradually embark on the digital world, more and more Baby Boomers came to embrace the beauty of technology. In fact, a national study revealed that almost 60% of American seniors, increasing by the year, now have their own social media presence on the web.

Older adults may be uncomfortable with it at first, but the technology for seniors has undergone many innovations to become what they are today–senior-friendly, easily accessible, and intuitive.†

With the current health crisis, technology has become an essential commodity for every senior, whether you live with a family or under the care of an assisted living facility.

Here are five reasons why you should embrace and utilize technology, now more than ever.

Senor man on video call with female doctor on laptop


†1. Provides Healthcare Needs and Services


One of the most significant uses of technology for seniors is the help it provides to attend to each of their healthcare needs with speed, accuracy, and safety.

Through the years, many health services have been digitized to bring convenience and ease-of-use to seniors, which has helped today considering the stay-at-home protocols imposed on seniors.†

Some of the latest technological innovations that provide senior care include:

  • The use of telemedicine to have yourself checked by a doctor via video conferences.
  • Health apps that can monitor your heartbeat, blood sugar level, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. This information can also be easily shared online with your doctor and loved one.
  • A virtual assistant or artificial intelligence that can assist you through the use of automated voices.†
  • State-of-the-art Kinect sensors to diagnose and address your mobility issues, connect you with a physical therapist, and create an appropriate fitness plan.
  • Alarmed pill boxes to help you remember the right time, dose, and medication to take.
  • AI-powered emergency response services that can track where you are (if you get lost), deploy airbag support for falls, and provide you with sight and hearing assistance. It also alerts emergency response teams regarding any accidents you may fall upon.
  • Implanted medications so you would not need to take a pill ever again.



†2. Get Connected With Loved Ones


Facebook, Skype, and Instagram have made catching up with the lives of your loved ones easier. May it be through photos, videos, or real-time, face-to-face conversations.†

Through communication technology, you can now:

  • Engage in an overnight conversation with your friend from another country via text, call, or video chat.
  • Give and get life updates through stories and posts.
  • Witness the life milestones of your grandkids by being virtually present.
  • Meet with old friends and make new ones
  • Attend church or social group activities

The use of technology to improve seniors’ social lives has been more significant for those residing in memory care assisted living facilities. Constant communication with their loved ones has become their solace through these trying times.†



†3. Increases Home and Environment Safety


Many seniors want to live and age independently. However, factors such as health and safety make independent living close to impossible.

But with the launch of new apps and smart devices, it is now possible to enjoy your life on your own, with your loved one monitoring you remotely. Such technologies include:

  • Sensor-activated cameras
  • Automatic locks
  • GPS
  • Voice-activated assistants
  • Monitoring apps
  • AI-powered devices

These different technologies allow you to gain newfound independence with little supervision. Your loved ones can check in on you anytime through their phones or laptops and receive alerts whenever something is wrong.

These kinds of devices can also amp up the safety of memory care assisted living facilities. Residents can feel safer, freer, and confident. At the same time, staff and caregivers can have more time doing other important tasks.



†4. Makes Daily Tasks Bearable


All these smartphone apps seem to be an advantage for Millennials alone. But that is actually not true.†

Older adults can also enjoy the convenience of Uber, online food deliveries, online laundromat, and cleaning services. You can pay utility bills online, shop for new clothes without having to go out, and have your groceries delivered right at your doorstep.

Technology allows you the luxury of having your errands and daily tasks get done without having to compromise your health and safety, especially now with the coronavirus disease still at large.†

You donít have to drive for miles, stand in long queues, and brave the thick crowd to get your essentials. You can avoid all of that and more with just a few clicks.†

Senior woman sitting on ground stretching in front of bed while looking at laptop


†5. Offers Entertainment


Seniorhood can get a little boring, especially now that going out means exposing yourself to a viral disease.†

It is hard to be quarantined for months and be denied the enjoyment of doing your beloved hobbies like watching movies in the cinema or attending Zumba sessions in your fitness studio.

However, by utilizing the power of technology, you can get acquainted again with your favorite pastime and leisure activity. You may even discover a new hobby that you can cultivate and turn it into a passion.

Some forms of entertainment provided by technology includes:

  • Download and play games on your laptop or smartphone.
  • Watching the latest chick flick on Hulu with your adult kids.
  • Catch up with your grandkidsí favorite Netflix series.
  • Read an e-book or listen to your favorite songs on Spotify.
  • Join senior-friendly work-out sessions online without having to go to your gym.
  • Organize an online game night with your long-distance family members.
  • Enroll in online classes.
  • Be an online volunteer of your chosen charity.
  • Improve your cooking, gardening, or crocheting skills by watching online tutorial videos.
  • Join social groups and causes you are passionate about.

An assisted living facility can also use technology for seniors with memory issues like Alzheimerís disease and dementia. Seniors can do virtual mind-stimulating exercises and games like crossword puzzles and wordplays.



Digital technology can be used to gain a new skill, live safely, receive medical treatments, and even cure your boredom. Give it a chance and see how it will transform your life for the better.†