Talking about senior residential options brings many opinions out of the woodwork. So many untruths continue spreading, causing people to misunderstand the viable options available. Dispelling the myths and helping seniors and their loved ones understand the facts so they can find the right community for their needs. 

What Are the Common Myths About Senior Living?

As people begin to explore the options for moving into an assisted living community, they may be met with resistance from friends and family. If seniors are not careful, they could allow myths to keep them from pursuing the options. The following myths must be debunked.

Senior Living Is No Better Than a Nursing Home

For some reason, people tend to lump all senior living options into a single category of nursing homes. Nursing homes are medical communities that provide in-patient care for adults of all ages. These individuals cannot care for themselves and require around-the-clock assistance from nurses. 

Residents living in an assisted living community need very little assistance. They obtain their own residences and enjoy a much higher level of independence. Unlike in nursing homes, senior residents of assisted living can come and go as they please and have more options for events and socialization. Many senior residents retain their jobs. 

Senior Living Is For the Elderly

People are living longer than in the past and are remaining more independent than past generations. Senior living is not about old people with walkers and canes. People ages 55 to 90 live in senior living communities. Vibrant individuals continue to enjoy their lives to the fullest without compromising their safety. Here, individuals can remain independent and receive therapy for seniors when needed. 

Senior Living Food Choices Are Tasteless

Everyone loves to eat. Food brings people together. Although some nursing homes lack flavorful food choices, this is not the case in assisted living homes. Chefs prepare delicious, restaurant-quality foods that cater to the unique nutritional and taste needs of senior residents. There are steaks, seafood, pasta dishes, salads, and desserts. There are foods for every taste. Senior residents will feel like they are eating at a five-star restaurant every day. 

Senior Living Will Leave Me Bored

Most seniors sit alone at home all day, rarely having visitors or getting out to socialize. Once they move into a residential community for seniors, they come back to life. There are so many things to enjoy. Seniors can take art or cooking classes. They can explore other hobbies or participate in exercise classes. The communities always schedule fun events that engage seniors physically, mentally, and emotionally. There is no time for boredom with a calendar packed with fun activities to enjoy. Seniors will also enjoy spending time with their fellow residents and staff members. These relationships become lifetime bonds. 

Senior Living Is Too Generic

Some people mistakenly believe assisted living is a generic approach to senior care. They believe there are only sterile white halls with fluorescent lights. Seniors will enjoy their own residences and can personalize them with special mementos and decorations. The grounds are pristinely beautiful and conducive to enjoyment and peace. There is no cookie-cutter approach to these residential communities, and seniors should never settle for such an option. 

Senior Living Is Inferior to Receiving Care at Home

Some people prefer living at home with family as long as possible, but there are constraints that can sometimes make this living arrangement impossible. Family members becoming caregivers does not always work out the best for seniors. Family members may become overwhelmed with the added responsibility and expense. Families must sit down together and talk about the issues frankly. Everyone must be on the same page before deciding. Working together as a family will ensure the right outcome. 

Schedule a Tour

Now that we have dispelled the myths, it is time to consider the living options. Whether seniors require memory care or less integrative care, there is something for everyone in assisted living. It is important for seniors and their loved ones to schedule a tour to learn more about the options. Talk to residents and staff members and ask pertinent questions to learn about the features and amenities. With so many senior living communities, there is one for every need and budget. 


Vista at Simi Valley is one of the most beautiful senior care communities in California. We are committed to providing a safe and engaging environment to ensure senior residents live their best lives. We have a caring and devoted staff that is available 24/7 to meet our residents’ needs.