One of the most important responsibilities for any family member is to ensure their loved ones feel supported and nurtured no matter where they live. This can be incredibly challenging when a family member resides in an assisted living community. Family members should provide emotional and practical support while allowing seniors to maintain independence as much as possible. This article will explore a few helpful ways the family can stay connected and support their loved ones living in assisted residences.

Regular Visits

Visiting an elderly loved one in their senior living community is essential in helping them remain comfortable and secure. Even though other like-minded seniors and staff may surround them, this community may feel unfamiliar. By creating a consistent schedule of visits to the community, family members can show their care and support to an elderly family member. 

Encourage an Active Lifestyle

Residing in an assisted living community in Simi Valley, CA, offers many exciting activities and amenities that will encourage loved ones to stay engaged. From exercise classes to engaging conversations with other residents to enjoying nature during outdoor walks, these communities provide opportunities for seniors to remain socially and physically active. The supportive services, such as medical care and transportation provided by senior residences, can assure caregivers that their loved ones are safe and secure. Additionally, by offering companionship and emotional support, family members can ensure that their elderly family member’s quality of life is improved physically and mentally. 

Getting Involved in Activities

Activity and socialization are the reasons senior residence communities exist. When aging adults are active, engaged, and interacting with others, they tend to be happier than those not involved in activities. Socialization is essential for good health and mental well-being. By engaging in activities, seniors can maintain a sense of independence, purpose, and self-worth. Activities in the senior living unit, such as bingo or music programs, can encourage socialization and provide meaningful interaction with others.

Send Flowers, Cards, and Letters

Showing a family member in senior residence care can be done in various ways. One way to demonstrate the support is by sending flowers, cards, or letters. Sending physical reminders of love and appreciation can often be a much-needed morale boost for those loved ones. If a family member can get mail, consider writing letters or postcards. Such small acts of kindness will positively impact their day and comfort them, knowing they have people who care about them.

Be Understanding and Respectful

Supporting a family member in assisted homes can be challenging, but with understanding and respect, it is possible to make the experience easier for everyone. Caregivers should respect seniors’ independence by giving them space and opportunities to make decisions. Memory decline is a common finding in older people. Causes for memory loss can range from hereditary to acquired issues. Memory care for seniors can effectively preserve memories and enhance a more fulfilling life for the elderly. 

Caregivers should be patient with seniors’ limitations and actively listen, demonstrating an understanding of what they’re going through. They should also seek ways to meet the elderly physical and mental health needs, such as encouraging exercise, providing reading materials, and offering appropriate assistance. Family members should allow the elderly to remain independent without feeling embarrassed. Above all else, kindness will go a long way to helping a family member feel supported and at ease in their new environment.

Routine Calls and Check-ins

Caring for an elderly loved one living in assisted living can be challenging. It’s essential to provide some consolation and assurance while making regular calls and check-ins. Maintaining a consistent relationship with the older adult despite physical distance helps remind them of their family’s love. During check-ins, foster a compassionate and nonjudgmental atmosphere to encourage them to open up about what they need. Be available to assist with errands, transportation, or anything else they may need. Offering help helps build trust between both parties and strengthens the emotional bond.

Being present in the community shows the family member’s love and devotion and gives seniors an added sense of safety as they adjust to their new environment. During the transition period, seniors should have a familiar face present so they can start feeling at home.

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