As parents age, increased challenges result. Aging parents may no longer be able to live alone safely and may need comprehensive care to get through the day. Some adult children may decide to move Mom and Dad into their homes. Although honorable, this is not always the best solution. Adult children may be ill-equipped to handle the stressors that result from caring for their parents. Relationships can become strained, but for some, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Learning about the pros and cons of moving elderly parents into a home is essential. 

Why Would Aging Parents Need to Move in With Adult Children?

As people age, cognitive declines occur, especially with some health issues. Dementia is more common after the age of 60 and may result in intellectual decline. Before deciding on residency, families need to consider all the options, including a senior living community. The following are some reasons elderly parents may be unable to live at home alone safely. 

  • The aging parent has been diagnosed with Dementia and is experiencing serious cognitive decline. 
  • The senior is forgetting how to drive and perform simple tasks. 
  • Seniors may begin falling frequently and experience increasing injuries. 
  • Aging parents may stop caring for themselves, forget to take medications, or even fail to eat. 

These are all worrisome signs that an elderly parent needs intervention. Seniors are often stuck in their ways and want to remain independent. They may be unwilling to ask for help or feel they are a bother to their adult children. Families must gauge the ability of the senior to perform daily tasks and stay safe. If there are any of the issues above present, it may be unsafe for the elderly parent to live alone. 

The Pros and Cons of Moving Aging Parents Into a Home

Most adult children feel obligated to help their parents. After all, their parents raised them. There is often a lot of stress involved in deciding on bringing parents into a home. Will the adult children have the time and energy to devote to caring for the parent? The following are the pros and cons to consider. 

Adult Children Can Provide the Familiar

There are many support for seniors living options to think about, but some may not be right for every senior. Seniors prefer familiar surroundings. They want to feel comfortable and may only be able to achieve this level of comfort when surrounded by family. 

Of course, there is always a way to adapt. If the senior moves into a senior living community, they can make new friends and start to feel at home quickly. Families must consider all the options before deciding. 

Adult Children Can Save Their Parents Money

The costs of moving into a community can be expensive for some. Seniors may not have the funds or assets necessary to handle such an expense. Adult children should consider bringing elderly parents into their homes to save money.

There will be additional costs for the adult child. Some estimate they spend up to $5,000 extra per year on food, supplies, medications, and transportation for their elderly parents. These costs must be considered. 

Adult Children May Need to Renovate Their Homes

Safety issues are commonplace with the elderly. They are more likely to fall, and the bathroom is one of the most dangerous places in the home. Adult children may need to renovate their homes and add safety features. Renovations can be expensive and taxing. If families cannot handle the expense or feel there are lingering safety issues, assisted living may be a better option. 

Adult Children May Experience Relationship Strains

Moving elderly parents into a home can be eye-opening for everyone involved. Personality changes and the lack of privacy can all take a toll on adult children and their families. Some parents and children grow closer while living together, but others grow apart. 

Seniors with Dementia may need more care than adult children can provide, including memory care. Researching the options will help families make the best choice.

Research Carefully to Find the Best Option

There are many options available for senior care. Yes, adult children can move their parents into the home, but this is not always the best answer. Explore the pros and cons above and talk them out as a family before deciding. 

At Vista of Simi Valley, we provide the gold standard for senior care. We believe in treating our residents with the utmost respect and ensuring they are happy, healthy, and thriving. Our beautiful grounds are conducive to healing, and we offer therapy to help those with Dementia protect their memories and slow the progression of cognitive decline.