Senior Citizens That Are An Inspiration

Over the years, society has somehow stopped respecting its elders as it did in the past. The elderly are sometimes forgotten, making them feel displaced and out of touch with those around them. Just because someone is older does not mean they cannot contribute to society. Many seniors are living their best lives after retirement and doing things younger people can only dream about. With this information, readers will learn about some amazing senior stories that will touch their hearts and make them reach for their goals. 

Senior Stories of Inspiration

Once someone reaches retirement age and beyond, they need not stop living. There is much living to experience. Many people enter assisted living in Simi Valley to help them live life to the fullest.  In an assisted living with memory care community, seniors are free to explore adventure at every turn, with safety always a top priority.

The following offers some inspirational stories of seniors who have risen above the odds and made a difference in their communities. Learning about the accomplishments of these seniors should help encourage everyone to go out and reach their goals. 

Anna Mary Robertson Moses

Most people know this famous painter as Grandma Moses, but many people do not know about her life and how she started painting at such a late age. Anna did not even attempt painting until she was well into her 70s. The reason she took up this new hobby was the development of arthritis in her hands. 

Because of the pain she felt, she could no longer enjoy her hobby of embroidery. Anna was self-taught and used items she had around her farm to create stunning works of art. She eventually gained a worldwide following for her beautiful painted farm works. 

James Collin Warren

Those who have never heard of James Collin Warren need to learn about his history and how it contributed to society. Featured in the Guinness Book of World Records, Lieutenant Colonel James Collins Warren obtained his pilot’s license at the age of 87. He gave a lifetime in the military and served in three wars as a navigator. 

James Collin Warren was a highly revered member of the Tuskegee Airmen, which was the first African-American military aviator group in the United States. In his 80s, he decided to take life a little more slowly. James Collin Warren purchased a plane and pursued his pilot’s license as a lifelong dream come true. It is clear that Mr. Warren likely had many stories he could have shared at an assisted living community like the one here in Simi Valley. 

Harriette Thompson

Harriette Thompson holds the world record for the oldest woman to complete a marathon. She finished her record-breaking marathon at the age of 92. Two years later, Harriette went on to break the record for the oldest woman competing in a half marathon. 

Harriette did not start her hobby of running until she was well into her 50s, and she competed in her first marathon at the age of 76. As so many others have proven, age is but a number. 

John Glenn

In October of 1998, John Glenn became the oldest person to travel into outer space. John was also the first American to orbit the Earth. Long after his retirement, John Glenn remained a vocal supporter of the space program. In 2012, he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, concluding a lifetime of achievement. Oh, the tales he could tell his fellow residents in 

J.R.R Tolkien

Most people have heard of the author, J.R.R Tolkien, but they may be unaware of his backstory. It turns out, that Tolkien’s most famous work was never published until he was 62 years old. The Lord of the Rings became an instant hit and spawned theatrical releases. 

Seniors Can Do It All

People are now realizing they can accomplish their goals well into old age. Age is only a number on a piece of paper and should not dictate the way a person lives their life. Many people become residents of assisted living in Simi Valley so they can finally focus on accomplishing all their goals. 

By exploring their options for assisted living, seniors can live as independently as possible without compromising their safety in day-to-day life. In these communities, seniors will finally have the time to devote to their hobbies and those things they enjoy doing in life. 

At Vista at Simi Valley, we believe all seniors should be given the dignity and respect they deserve. We offer an innovative residential community that fosters a family-friendly neighborhood setting. Here, seniors remain independent but have access to the staff help they need 24 hours a day.