Uplifting Our Elders

Loneliness and isolation serve as two concerns for seniors in America today. The global pandemic exacerbated these problems, and many people are struggling to return to a normal way of life. They got into a routine during the pandemic and continue to express concern about their health. As a result, seniors may suffer in silence. Uplift seniors regularly to ensure they can get back to normal life in the shortest time possible. The following tips serve as a great place to start. 

Write Them a Letter

Everyone loves to receive mail. In fact, some seniors say a visit to the mailbox is a highlight of their day. They never know what they are going to find when they open the box. Make sure they have something special when they make this trip. Even if someone else goes to the mailbox and brings the mail to them, seniors still enjoy getting a letter from a loved one. They see enough bills and mailers. Put a smile on their face by sending them small notes regularly at their assisted living community. 

Encouraging Quotes

Place encouraging quotes around the senior’s living area. They can look at these quotes whenever they feel down and boost their mood. The notes don’t have to be long or anything fancy. The notes can simply tell the seniors their families love them. That is enough to lift their mood and allow them to have a better day. 

Affirm Their Self-Identity

The time may come when a loved one can no longer share their memories with their loved ones. They live in memory care because they become confused or have other neurological issues. However, they were young once and had dreams and ambitions. They love to share these stories, pictures, and objects with their family and friends. Doing so brings back happy memories.

However, once they move to an assisted living community, they are no longer surrounded by many memories. Add some photos, postcards, or other things from their home in their new room or apartment. The mementos are a great way to not only provide them with comfort, but will also trigger memories of events that they can share with loved ones. 

Teach Coping Skills

Seniors often become upset when they can no longer do things they used to do regularly. Ensure they have coping skills to make this adjustment easier. Break tasks down into smaller steps or give them fewer goals to achieve each day.

Help them brainstorm ways to do things they enjoy, even if it isn’t the same way they used to do those things. Allow them to do the things they love and assist them where needed. Don’t take over, but provide help. This allows them to complete the task and get a sense of accomplishment. 

Model Gratitude

Family members need to model gratitude when visiting the seniors in assisted living in Simi Valley, CA. For example, tell the staff members how grateful the family is that their loved one has such dedicated individuals helping to care for them. Help the seniors find things to be grateful for in the community. Allow the seniors to talk about how thankful they were for the jobs they held or how appreciative they are to have loved ones nearby. Focusing on the positive helps the seniors do the same. 

Encourage Activities

When older adults remain busy, they are less likely to feel down. They don’t have time to dwell on regrets or wonder where they could have done things differently. Assisted living communities offer activities for residents, so they can stay active. Encourage them to take part in these activities, as it will relieve their boredom and allow them to get to know the other residents. Friendship is of great importance during this stage of life, so work with seniors to find those activities they enjoy and meet new people. 

Seniors often struggle to maintain a positive outlook on life. Help them do so by uplifting them as often as possible. Doing so doesn’t require a lot of time and effort, but goes a long way to improving the loved one’s quality of life. They deserve nothing less for being such important figures in the family’s life over the years. 

About Vista at Simi Valley:

Seniors often don’t want to leave their homes, but once they see the beauty and elegance of Vista at Simi Valley, this transition becomes easier. The neighborhood settings, modern amenities, and comfortable apartments allow them to feel at home from day one. Residents move about freely and benefit from the location, as they can enjoy life fully thanks to the many businesses and churches nearby.